The Endless Sleepover

About The Series

The Endless Sleepover is a webseries that explores the private worlds of artists, and listens in as they grapple with parenthood.

For many of us, having children is an unspoken expectation. The failure to do so is shameful, tragic, or intolerable—it veers from the heteronormative nuclear model, and so remains a stubborn taboo.

As artists, we invent a new model (whether or not we have kids). Already, so many of us feel the burden of meeting a need beyond survival: the tenuousness in piecing together a full life, the precarious balancing of sustained creation, earning, and relating.

On the topic of children, we privately ask one another, “Will I have to get a square job? Will I have time to make art? Who will sacrifice themselves for the kids—you or me? Will I be supported if I choose not to become a parent?” This series lifts those shadowy, intimate questions into the light; each episode a family-study, detangling threads of identities as parent and artist.

A trans-national collaboration, the anthology series features voices from 10 families and original music by Eric Mayson.

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